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Anyone looking for an apartment on the Upper East Side?


I’ve got a room available in a gorgeous three-bedroom apartment in Manhattan starting this September.

It’s close to seven major subway lines (4-5-6/N-Q-R at 59th and Lexington; F at 63rd and Lexington) is a 15-minute walk from Central Park, and is a very safe neighborhood. There’s a 24-hour 7-Eleven next door; a 24-hour Duane Reade one block away; a 24-hour diner and a Bed Bath & Beyond within a two-block radius; and tons of amazing restaurants, bars nearby.

The apartment is a second-floor walkup, fully renovated last year. There’s a furnished living room, bathroom, and fantastic kitchen with all-new appliances, including a dishwasher. The bedroom has two windows and can fit a full-size bed, a desk and a bookshelf easy.

If you’re interested, respond to this or send me a message so I can tell you more. Thanks!!!

Just looking at apartments in Manhattan, no big deal.


I’ve decided to max at $2000 a month. I figure if I find 3 or 4 roommates, that’ll make the rent bearable. And some of these apartments are a helluva lot nicer than I would’ve thought for $2000. I’m really scared but really excited. I want this to happen so bad.

Manhattan Apartments – Three Up & Coming Locations for Today’s Homebuyers



The residents of Manhattan apartments are enjoying the undoubted renaissance of some areas which were on the brink of becoming the typical urban decay areas.  Here is a brief summary describing three of the major Manhattan communities which have left the past behind in order to re-invent themselves as desirable neighborhoods. 

East Village

The East Village of the past has disappeared and been replaced.  What has emerged is one of Manhattan’s more attractive residential areas where the old music clubs have given way to expensive fashion boutiques and sophisticated nightclubs.  It certainly remains a lively place to have a great night out. 

There has been some new development providing a touch of architectural variety and there is a well-maintained local park suitable for families with kids.  The restaurants have become more elegant and it is also well known for great Japanese food and sophisticated cocktail bars.

East Village has matured into a neighborhood that is more settled than in the past, with more opportunities for shopping but still retaining plenty of life.


Harlem is also beginning to blossom into a desirable residential area owing to the increase in individually owned boutiques, street markets, new restaurants and nightclubs.  The attractive pre-war brownstones are being carefully renovated and many new condominiums are being built.

Tree-lined streets

The average Harlem resident has changed owing to the real estate boom during the 1990’s when property values rocketed.  However, Harlem and East Harlem have managed to hang on to their distinctive character and cultural landmarks and the tree-lined streets are still as beautiful as ever, rivaling the leafy streets surrounding New Jersey residences.

Green spaces

Manhattan cannot boast the same improved air quality for its apartments’ dwellers as enjoyed by the residents of Atlanta, Georgia condos.  This will not happen until New York City can also persuade its workers to use public transportation on all trips in and out of the city, to reduce the heavy air pollution. 

However, there are plenty of green spaces where you can escape the traffic fumes.  Harlem is a neighborhood which will continue to rebuild and refresh itself without losing sight of its core personality.


NoHo still stands out as one of the loveliest small neighborhoods in lower Manhattan.  This tiny Manhattan neighborhood contains apartments with the most striking and best-preserved 19th-century architecture in New York City.  They display New York’s architectural history, with marble, brick and terracotta facades complementing the cast-iron buildings that are NoHo’s trademark.

Loft conversion

What were once warehouses, factories and office buildings are now NoHo’s Historic District, with excellent loft conversions and luxurious New York City condominiums.  These attractive homes are commanding the same prices as some of the lovely New Jersey residences across the bay. 

NoHo is a sedate bohemian community and far less commercial than SoHo.  With its distinctive, newly renovated pre-war condominiums NoHo’s individuality ensures it will have a lasting place among the most desirable residential neighborhoods for Manhattan apartments


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Moving to New York? Here's a guide on how to do it


Someone has helpfully written a ‘how to move to New York’ guide :) 

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